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Ms Juana's

Montessori  Home School, LLC


Ms Juana's Montessori School, LLC has developed a rich Montessori curriculum that includes Daily Living, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Arts and Crafts, Cultural Studies, Geography and Science. Additional enrichment activities of PE, Spanish, and music are incorporated into the curriculum.

Daily Living

The purpose of the Daily Living Curriculum is to foster the whole child development by the refinement of the fundamental skills of coordination between eyes and fingers, concentration, independence, order and self esteem, through concentration on a precise and completed cycle of activity. Each activity serves not only as a means of introducing a young child to the fundamental skills of everday life, but also prepares the child for future activities.


The direct purpose of the sensorial curriculum is to develop the senses by refinement of the ability to: touch, observe, smell, feel, listen, test, compare, discriminate, differentiate, reason, decide, solve problems and appreciate our world. Children experience the similarities and differences of size, weight, texture, color, sound and other properties as both concrete and abstract concepts.


The Montessori math curriculum is designed to assists the child in mathematical mind development. This experience always goes from concrete operations (using materials) to abstract ideas. Montessori materials provide opportunity for appropriate experiences in counting, quantity, pattern, dimension, symbols, and arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).


A child's command of vocabulary is stimulated in all classroom activities. Children are encouraged to participate during lessons, to ask and answer questions, tell stories, explain activities -- all to help them organize their ideas and develop their speech skills.

Cultural Studies

The learning process of our students is expanded through art, geography, culture, nature and science studies. Many materials are present in the classroom for daily use, with each area emphasized at different times by special lessons, projects and experiences such as nature walks