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Ms Juana's

Montessori  Home School, LLC

These are just a few of the unsolicited testimonials from parents with children in Ms Juana's class. Also google us for reviews.

"Thank you for the wonderful monthly newsletters. It's hard to be away from Elyana every day, so the pictures assure me she is having a wonderful and educating time. She truly enjoys going to school every day. Thank you!"

-- Melissa

"Ms. Juana's Montessori Home School is excellent. The staff is professional and very organized. The home setting is clean, pleasant, and orderly. We are amazed at how much my son has learned in the few months he has been there. He is so proud to tell us about his work and accomplishments at school. The children are treated with respect and learn to treat others with respect. They gain confidence and independence in their work. Ms. Juana is good about communicating with parents, and we have no complaints. We highly recommend MJM!" 

 -- Jill

 "Ms Juana is a fabulous, energetic teacher who is able to cultivate and encourage her young students' natural desire to learn. Her classroom and daily schedule is very organized my daughter has thrived socially, academically and emotionally under her tutelage. I agree with the other reviewer when they write, "Ms Juana truly embraces the Montessori philosophy." Besides her dedication to her students, I have also been very appreciative of Ms. Juana's consistent priority of communicating with the parents of her students. I have recommended Ms. Juana's Montessori Home School to several of my friends and would not hesitate to give a positive review if ever asked."

-- Victoria

"Words cannot express how lucky Kai is for having such a wonderful teacher these past three years. Thanks to your patience, guidance and love, he has grown and learned so much. We wish he could stay on with you for first grade, but we know he's more than ready, since you've prepared him well. Thank you and we will really miss you!" 

-- Paola

 "We wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful classroom environment you provided for Rachel. Not only did it make the difficult transition from an at-home environment to a school environment that much easier, but we saw her intellectual and practical abilities flourish. We know we have you to thank for that! Rachel loved going to school every day and she loves you!"

-- Ana (after 1st year with Ms Juana)

"I don't know how to thank you for everything you have done for Rachel these past three years. She has learned so much and become such a responsible and good person thanks to you. You have prepared her very well to take on the rest of her education as well as her life. Your influence on her will be sorely missed."

-- Ana (after 3rd year with Ms Juana)

"I can't tell you how wonderful you are! Thank you so much for your professionalism and patience."


-- Jared

 "We are grateful to you for the love, care, and concern you shared with our Lucy these past 2 years. She doesn't attach easily, but she was to you."

-- Janet

"Thank you very, very much for three delightful years as Janna's teacher, guide, and mentor. Watching Janna grow and develop in your class was pure joy. You made her first years of school fun and inviting. We will always remember and be grateful."

-- Arlyne

 "Thanks so much for being such a great teacher to Nina. You have really made a very big impression on her and she adores you!"

-- Teresa