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Ms Juana's

Montessori  Home School, LLC

It is our goal to help your child become a creative, competent human being, who is fully aware of him/herself, of others, and of the world around him/her. Our objective is to support the development of the child into a productive, peaceful, and creative member of the classroom and also of society based upon Maria Montessori's educational philosophy and child development theory. Our environment is designed to help the child:

  • Discover the joy of learning that fosters a love of education for life.
  • Learn to make decisions from early age, they are problem-solvers.
  • Exercise self-discipline and self-control.
  • Practice effective, positive communication skills.
  • Create an environment in which children are encouraged to demonstrate respect for self and others.
  • Learn to work independently and in groups.
  • Recognize the unique learning styles of each child and choose instructional approaches compatible with individual needs.
  • Foster natural independence, creativity, self-direction and personal responsibility, and allow exploration sparked by intellectual curiosity.
  • Maintain a safe, carefully planned physical environment that is peaceful, pleasant, child-centered and attractive.
  • Seek actively and welcome families of all cultures, religions, races, and ethnic groups, and encourage the sharing of customs, heritage and perspectives.
  • Provide quality education, capable management and responsible service to parents and children.