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Ms Juana's

Montessori  Home School, LLC

Who We Are

Ms Juana's Montessori, LLC (MJM) opened in the fall of 2010 by Juana Gregory, who is an American Montessori Society (AMS) Early Childhood accredited teacher. She has been working in the Montessori field since 2004 and has been a successful directress at the prestigious Boyd School for 5 years prior to starting her school in 2010. She started her education career as a directress at the Montessori School of Fairfax. Ms Juana's Montessori Home School is now located in Aldie near the intersection of Gum Springs Road and Braddock Road and is serving the Aldie, Stone Ridge and South Riding communities in Loudoun County.

Ms Juana is originally from Panama City, Panama. She holds degrees in Accounting and Education. Prior to moving to the United States in 2000, Ms Juana was the Chief Financial Officer for an insurance company. Upon settling in Virginia Ms Juana wanted to work again but also be available for her young daughter. She decided to pursue her Montessori teaching certification and ever since has been providing a superior education experience to children.

Ms Juana decided to open her school in order to continue to provide our children an even better early childhood education. She is able to provide the same curriculum as one of the larger schools but has added the extra learning experience of a true bilingual learning approach. Ms Juana is a natural born Spanish speaker and also has an excellent command of the English language. Another feature of MJM is that Ms Juana is able to devote more time to your child because she has limited the class size to a maximum of 12 children, where the larger schools usually have around 25 children in the classroom. Ms Juana is certified in First Aid, CPR and MAT. She is also a member of the American Montessori Society.

Ms. Yogi obtained her degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Mississippi and a diploma in early childhood program from North American Montessori Center. She was an IT professional for 13 years and actively involved in early childhood education for the last 5 years. She has certifications in CPR & First Aid.

Ms. Yogi sees the value in Montessori teaching methodology as her two kids went to a Montessori pre-school in South Riding area. She developed passion for teaching when educating her own children. The fact that Montessori teaching principles do not impose rules on how the kids are nurtured or trained elevates her respect for Montessori methodology. She has practiced a measured approach when dealing with young children and understands that every child is unique in their own right.

She spends time learning more about a child's psychology before engaging the child on a specific subject of his/her interest. She decided to leave her Senior Business Analyst role in the IT industry for a role as an educator and advocate for pre-school children with a focus to help the young minds grow.